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We have executed various exhibition projects over the years, from smaller healthcare single-day events to international symposiums, working with clients from both the UK and overseas. Conveying your message with clarity is key to attracting your target audience and that is why we continue to enjoy the custom of large multi-national healthcare companies, who trust us year on year to deliver outstanding results.

Medical exhibitions offer a great opportunity to get up to date with what is current in the industry. From showcasing the latest technologies to networking with other medical professionals, these events are very popular. A stand that embodies exactly what you are trying to deliver to your target market, in the most engaging way, is what we have years of experience creating.

The key is to have enough content to generate interest from individuals, using the stand to prompt customers to strike up a conversation to find out further details. Having a TV screen can be an advantage at these events – especially if you are promoting a new product for example, as a looped reel of film can show the device in action and really capture your audience's interest.

Some events and companies we have worked with:

DP medical

This company has 2 divisions - hospital and medical. They needed an exhibition system that suited areas of the business. They wanted to maximise return on investment. They needed a stand that could be used at different sized events, as they would be used interchangeably at big and small conferences or hotels. We provided them with an adaptive kit. It worked for their niche shows and was versatile in the sense that they could use it at larger exhibitions, too.


Companies/exhibitions we have worked with:

ERS Congress

The European Respiratory Society is a non-profit organisation with offices in Lausanne, Brussels and Sheffield. Their membership base is an array of medical professionals and scientists working in the area of respiratory medicine.

ELS Congress

We worked with The European Laryngological Society, creating bespoke exhibition stands.


The British Association of Otorhinolaryngology hold events that bring together thousands of medical professionals. They rely on our bespoke stands to help increase engagement at their events.


British Association for Surgery of the Knee brings together experts in the field, who have also utilised the exhibition stands we have to offer.



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